BITE Christmas Food Festival in Chipping Campden

The delicious smells wafting around Chipping Campden this weekend were very distracting as I photographed the goings on at the BITE Christmas Food Festival. From street food curry care of The Urban Rajah, artisan goodies from the best Cotswold food suppliers and a fair selling lovely Christmas gifts, it really kick start the festive season here in Chipping Campden. Oh, and I did get to try one of those delicious Urban Rajah curry wraps too - Yum! BITE Enchanted Christmas 2013 initial select-2 Enchanted Christmas 2013 initial select-1 Enchanted Christmas 2013 initial select-5 Enchanted Christmas BITE 2013-23 Enchanted Christmas BITE 2013-19 Enchanted Christmas BITE 2013-38 Enchanted Christmas BITE 2013-40 Enchanted Christmas BITE 2013-33

A day in the life of a busy school

I was back up to Sheffield again just before Christmas to photograph a great city centre school - 2 years after my last visit. The kids are so full of fun and so productive with their time. Wonderful characters too. It's refreshing to see a school embracing marketing and using photography to get across the vibrancy and life in the classroom. Looking forward to returning again in the future. blog-8 blog-9 blog-10 blog-11 blog-12 blog-13 blog-14 blog-15 blog-16 blog-17 blog-18 blog-19

A chilly commission

A cold winter's day was made all the more chilly when I was asked to visit Calderhead's Refridgerated Transport to provide fly on the wall photography of their business for their new website. Father and daughter owners Ian Calderhead and Sara Owrid wanted the get across the personal, family approach that underpins the whole operation and hopefully these images communicate that. blog-20 blog-21 blog-22 blog-23 blog-24 blog-25

Claire & Paul's Mickleton wedding

As the summer drew to a close, a group of party loving friends gathered in the pretty village of Mickleton in Gloucestershire to celebrate the wedding of Claire & Paul - and I was there to capture it all. The day kicked off with a lunch for the guys at the lovely Cotswolds pub, the Ebrington Arms while the girls got ready at home. Then onto the beautiful St Lawrence church in Mickleton for the ceremony and afterwards guests headed on foot to The Kings Arms, a pretty pub in the village where Claire & Paul had decorated a marquee in the grounds. In the evening, I witnessed my first Bandeoke care of The One Hit Wonders - some hilarious moments! Then back into the pub where I hear the bride and groom managed to party on until 4am - respect! Claire and Paul-8 Claire and Paul-10 Claire and Paul-23 Claire and Paul-94 Claire and Paul-116 Claire and Paul-138 Claire and Paul-159 Claire and Paul-216 Claire and Paul-243 Claire and Paul-247 Claire and Paul-325 Claire and Paul-335 Claire and Paul-357 Claire and Paul-370 Claire and Paul-377 Claire and Paul-402 Claire and Paul-403 Claire and Paul-428 Claire and Paul-439 Claire and Paul-462 Claire and Paul-484 Claire and Paul-516 Claire and Paul-536 Claire and Paul-550 Claire and Paul-582

Rosie & Matt's Cotswold wedding

Take a picturesque Cotswold's village, one stunning medieval tithe barn decked out with lanterns and fairy lights, an elegant manor house with 360 ft fountain and a group of fun-loving friends and what do you get? A fabulous wedding that was a joy to photograph. Rosie & Matt decided to leave London behind and head up to the country to the beautiful Stanway House in Gloucestershire for their wedding in August. Rosie in her bespoke gown looked stunning and her Mum Lynn made everything extra special thanks to her wonderful floral arrangements. Stanway provided the most spectacular backdrops for the day (and for the photography) and we all had fun dodging the spray from Britain's highest gravity fed fountain!  

Rosie & Matt-31 Rosie & Matt-42 Rosie & Matt-62 Rosie & Matt-83 Rosie & Matt-98 Rosie & Matt-103 Rosie & Matt-124 Rosie & Matt-148 Rosie & Matt-153 Rosie & Matt-156 Rosie & Matt-158 Rosie & Matt-168 Rosie & Matt-172 Rosie & Matt-176 Rosie & Matt-194 Rosie & Matt-199 Rosie & Matt-218 Rosie & Matt-221 Rosie & Matt-227 Rosie & Matt-230 Rosie & Matt-239 Rosie & Matt-256 Rosie & Matt-262 Rosie & Matt-335 Rosie & Matt-336 Rosie & Matt-355 Rosie & Matt-356 Rosie & Matt-364 Rosie & Matt-369 Rosie & Matt-386 Rosie & Matt-410 Rosie & Matt-433 Rosie & Matt-466 Rosie & Matt-489

Joss, Ed and Mum photoshoot

What a fun photoshoot this was in the late August sunshine. Bridget and her two sons Joss and Ed live on a beautiful farm with loads of atmosphere and great backdrops. Joss introduced me to his pony and we had an apple throwing contest in the orchard. The old telephone box on the road outside was a source of curiosity and family's barn made for a great rustic backdrop.000-14 000-23 000-40 000-48 000-50 000-60 000-66 000-78 000-81 000-86 000-90 000-105 000-108 000-115 000-127 000-129

Henry & Adelaide's rural wedding

I first met Adelaide some year's ago when she sold me my house so it was lovely to bump into her again last year at a wedding event hosted by The White Rose Bridal Boutique. Even nicer to be photographing hers and fiance Henry's wedding in August at Henry's family farm in Northamptonshire. Adelaide looked radiant in her beautiful lace dress with spectacularly wide train. Guests came from far and wide, including a large contingent of Adelaide's French family (so chance to practice my rather ropy French) and Adelaide had honoured them with some lovely little French details in the marquee. The couple (who met at The Royal Agricultural College) were whisked away from the church in an elegant horse and carriage. How romantic! 000-6 000-27 000-36 000-41 000-64 000-77 000-110 000-114 000-122 000-130 000-150 000-159 000-171 000-189 000-195 000-200 000-203 000-215 000-216 000-221 000-246 000-284 000-372 000-385 000-387 000-390 000-410 000-439 000-440 000-452

Harry with Mummy & Daddy

I'd photographed Roger and Liz last year when they were starting up their lovely natural skincare business The Natural Revolution so was delighted to return to photograph them both with their cute little baby boy Harry. Liz's Australian rellies were kept happy with Harry's t-shirt and we made the most of the lovely summer weather by taking a picnic rug into the garden to lounge on. "Thanks so much for the photos, some really great shots of us as a family and Harry in his many different guises. The family will be well pleased." Roger & Liz Harry-4 Harry-5 Harry-37 Harry-40 Harry-62 Harry-72 Harry-96


Cox Family Photoshoot

I feel very privileged to have captured some special moments in Neil & Khalida Cox's life. Back in 2008 I photographed their wedding at the Manor House Hotel in Moreton in Marsh. A few years later, Keira, their little daughter was born and soon after they returned to the Cotswolds and asked me to photograph them all - one of the images appears on my website homepage. Then this year Keira got a little sister, Isabella and I was back again to capture the family for a third time. Keira was still as cute as ever and little Isabella was a star - very laid back! We spent a few lovely hours in the sunshine enjoying the grounds of The Manor House and this relaxing approach shows in the images. Looking forward to photographing them all again soon - perhaps when there's another new addition?! Family photographs-17 Family photographs-21 Family photographs-31 Family photographs-37 Family photographs-48 Family photographs-77 Family photographs-88 Family photographs-91 Family photographs-97 Family photographs-104 Family photographs-134 Family photographs-148 Family photographs-154 Family photographs-162 Family photographs-177

Jen & Mark's Warwick wedding

It's always a pleasure to return to the lovely, atmospheric Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick and in July I was there to photograph Jennifer and Mark's wedding on a blisteringly hot day. Some very pretty little bridesmaids, a fab cake/ cakes by Louise Brown and a lovely couple made for a wonderfully photogenic day. Oh and the cutest little page boy - Jennifer and Mark' son Bryn! Jen & Mark-6 Jen & Mark-24 Jen & Mark-63 Jen & Mark-73 Jen & Mark-85 Jen & Mark-123 Jen & Mark-131 Jen & Mark-148 Jen & Mark-179 Jen & Mark-252 Jen & Mark-268 Jen & Mark-279 Jen & Mark-307 Jen & Mark-321 Jen & Mark-350 Jen & Mark-355 Jen & Mark-359 Jen & Mark-371