One melodic engagement shoot

An unexpected musical flavour was the theme of today's engagement shoot with Anthea & Leon. The couple tie the  knot in May with a ceremony and reception that reflects their love of music. Leon is an exceptional pianist but very modest in front of the lens but after a few laughs he relaxed in front of the camera and really felt at home when I suggested the couple sit at the piano for the last part of the shoot. Songs and wonderful music filled the air for the remainder of the shoot. I've never been entertained so well while working! The resulting images are very personal to them and they'll be used on the couple's wedding invitations. [caption id="attachment_30" align="alignleft" width="490" caption="A very cool couple.... Anthea & Leon in an image with a 60's retro feel.

The couple doing what they do best.. jamming at the piano.

An introspective moment together"]