Rosie & Matt's Cotswold wedding

Take a picturesque Cotswold's village, one stunning medieval tithe barn decked out with lanterns and fairy lights, an elegant manor house with 360 ft fountain and a group of fun-loving friends and what do you get? A fabulous wedding that was a joy to photograph. Rosie & Matt decided to leave London behind and head up to the country to the beautiful Stanway House in Gloucestershire for their wedding in August. Rosie in her bespoke gown looked stunning and her Mum Lynn made everything extra special thanks to her wonderful floral arrangements. Stanway provided the most spectacular backdrops for the day (and for the photography) and we all had fun dodging the spray from Britain's highest gravity fed fountain!  

Rosie & Matt-31 Rosie & Matt-42 Rosie & Matt-62 Rosie & Matt-83 Rosie & Matt-98 Rosie & Matt-103 Rosie & Matt-124 Rosie & Matt-148 Rosie & Matt-153 Rosie & Matt-156 Rosie & Matt-158 Rosie & Matt-168 Rosie & Matt-172 Rosie & Matt-176 Rosie & Matt-194 Rosie & Matt-199 Rosie & Matt-218 Rosie & Matt-221 Rosie & Matt-227 Rosie & Matt-230 Rosie & Matt-239 Rosie & Matt-256 Rosie & Matt-262 Rosie & Matt-335 Rosie & Matt-336 Rosie & Matt-355 Rosie & Matt-356 Rosie & Matt-364 Rosie & Matt-369 Rosie & Matt-386 Rosie & Matt-410 Rosie & Matt-433 Rosie & Matt-466 Rosie & Matt-489